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Random Thought (March 26, 2015 at 07:34PM)

Random Thought 926

Tomorrow's going to be the start of Finals and right now I'm really taking advantage of the rest day. Too much had happened yesterday which is kinda ironic that it's going to be my very last regular class as a student. I think we did great yesterday especially with our thesis manuscript which I hope will be successfully be signed by our college dean by tomorrow.

I want to talk a lot of things since I've been not writing anything for the past several days. But I guess that's impossible since it will take quite a lot to make it detailed enough to understand. So for today I want to talk about "When Marnie Was There", the supposed to be final Ghibli animation film directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi who also directed "The Secret World of Arrietty". This anime film is based from a British book of the same title by Joan G. Robinson.

I've been waiting for this movie since its first trailer was released, and I have to say, it really lived up to my expectations. What I really like about Yonebayashi's movies is that you know they're still Ghibli but at the same time you feel how different they are from most Ghibli films. It's really hard to explain but I think Yonebayashi's movies really do strike me more than the other popular movies produced by Ghibli.

If my knowledge is right, I believe Marnie is the only Ghibli film that features 2 female lead characters unlike the usual boy and girl. I tried to imagine the movie with different lead characters (boy-boy, boy-female) in my mind and I thought it wouldn't have worked the same way than having 2 female leads. In short, Marnie already passed the Bechdel Test.

Based from the trailer, I guess most people would think that the movie is about lesbian relationship due to the fact it has 2 female leads. If you don't like that, don't worry for it has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's simply about 2 females who just happened to be the best friends and I really admire the movie for the authentic representation of how strong female friendship is.

I don't want to talk about more of the animation since it's always good since it's Ghibli we are talking about. But another thing I like the movie is that it doesn't limit itself in being just an anime film but rather it transcends the anime boundaries. What I meant by that is that, it's an anime you can simply recommend to anyone regardless if they're a fan of anime or not. This anime film really tells something that most of us can relate to. The feeling of hating oneself, being alone, and wishing to be someone else.

Sure there's the unexpected cliche twist at the end, which unfortunately I was already partially spoiled because of the interwebs, but since it was really well executed, in the end I still think that this film is a gem indeed. It only saddens me that it didn't earn well in the Japanese theaters which could possibly be the reason why Ghibli underwent its current hiatus. If only I have the luxury to go to Japan and watch this movie, I would.

Overall, "When Marnie Was There" is a really good movie. Honestly, I can't think of anything that I didn't like about this movie. I can personally give it a 10/10 if only I haven't watched anything better than this movie. So I'll give it a 9/10, which I think is just right for this movie. I can't imagine rating it lower than a 9.

If you've read everything I just wrote then I can't see why you shouldn't be watching this movie. Watch it with your friends and family. I'm sure they'll also love it! :)

Anna, a young girl living in Sapporo, is having trouble with her classmates. Due to anxiety attacks, a doctor suggests that Anna move somewhere more relaxing. After moving to the countryside to her family, separated from her mother, she spends her time walking around the area and sketching. She finds herself drawn to a seemingly abandoned house across the water, which can only be walked to during low tide. It is there that she meets Marnie.

Although she finds Marnie to be the first kid her age that she gets along with, there is something mysterious about her—Marnie even tells Anna to keep her a secret from the town. Anna has trouble remembering things, and even blacks out. How are these things related to Marnie? Just who is this strange girl?

#Marnie #WhenMarnieWasThere #Ghibli #StudioGhibli #Yonebayashi


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Random Thought (March 15, 2015 at 12:09AM)

Random Thought 923

Currently listening to an episode of Anime Cafe Podcast that is everything about Fullmetal Alchemist. Darn, it makes me want to go back and relieve the awesome moments (from action to drama to comedy to romance to a lot more) I had with FMA/FMAB. It will always be my number one favorite anime of all time.


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Random Thought (March 11, 2015 at 11:06PM)

Random Thought 922

I know I've never written any since Saturday. Tonight I think it's about time to reveal what I'm going to watch for the next season. Goodness me, it was only recently that i realised that the Winter season is almost over. Unlike the Winter, I think the Spring lineup are much more superior and to proved that, I already got a handful of shows that I'm already anticipating for a while in this season. I'll arrange them based on what I anticipate the most down to the ones that I find good to add on my list.

1. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan
-I'm a fan of the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, although it's only a spin-off series. I think it's still good to know that the Haruhi Anime Franchise is still alive and I hope that this anime can prove the need for the Haruhi sequels the fans have been waiting for years now.

2. Fate/Stay Night:UBW 2
-Obviously this is in my list but if it wasn't for the Haruhi spin-off this would be my most anticipated. Since this is just a continuation from the last season, I expect the same but I have hopes that this anime will pull off anything that the first season had missed for me. Fate/Zero was still better IMO but F/SN is still pretty good.

3. Baby Steps 2
-Loved the 1st season. In fact this was the whole reason why I got into sports anime. Really. I was rejoicing when this was announced at the finale of the first Baby Steps last year.

4. Nisekoi 2
-I don't know how Studio Shaft will pull this off since nothing really much happens after the Romeo and Juliet arc at least from what I can recall from the manga. Still, Nisekoi can still be a good guilty pleasure I can enjoy and complain about at the same time.

5. Digimon Adventure tri. [attached photo]
-I'm a Pokemon kid and I still never regret that I haven't watched Digimon thoroughly as a kid. It interests me because I can see that this anime is trying to target those who have grown together with the original Digimon by having the cast all grown up. The character art isn't too kiddie anymore which made me want to watch it even more. I just hope that this new Digimon would not heavily rely on the previous Digimon anime.

6. Sound! Euphonium
-It's been a while since I decided to watch a KyoAni anime. When I saw in the PV that it has the music genre and minus the swimming gay people, it made me interested enough to see this anime for myself.

7. My Love Story!!
-Also known as "Ore Monogatari!!" to those who are more familiar with the Japanese title. I remember I've read a crossover chapter of this with Nisekoi about a year ago. When I heard it was going to have an anime, I immediately added it to my plan to watch.

8. Food Wars
-Also known as "Shokugeki no Souma" in Japan which never really translated to "Food Wars" but to "Souma's Cooking". I never watched an anime about cooking (well except some random episodes of Cooking Master Boy and a bit of Koufuku Graffiti I dropped). What bothers me about this anime are the ecchi things that I can't understand why it was even necessary to include. I've started reading the manga during the holidays but I kinda didn't have time to read more. It was good but I think I would feel more of it if I watched the anime instead.

9. Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine
-I haven't watched the first season but I plan to watch it first before this one. I've heard good things about Knights of Sidonia and skimming through the first episode I feel like the CG weren't as bad as everyone say it was.

Note: The list may change without prior notice. :P


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Random Thought (March 07, 2015 at 10:51PM)

Random Thought 921

As usual at this time of the school term, things are getting more and more congested again. It's pretty unfortunate that I've never been that active lately and that makes it even harder to accommodate my busy schedule and managing the page. I'm not saying that I won't be updating anything from here on out but rather my posts won't be that regular like before. I believe that since the start of the year, I've experienced times that I've only wrote 2 RTs in one week. I'm just finding myself too busy this term that I feel too lazy to do anything in this page but instead I decide to just let the day go without an RT and focus more in my final term in college. But rest assured that next month, everything will be back to its own pace. I hope. LOL


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Random Thought (March 04, 2015 at 11:26PM)

Random Thought 920

I really like the voice of Minami Asakura from "Touch" to the point that I won't mind listening to her voice all day and then I realized the voice actress is as old as my Mom. lol. Well, that's not much of a surprise since this anime was released 30 years ago.

Anyways, I find this anime really slow compared to Cross Game. Each episodes are still fun to watch despite its slow pace. To be honest, I wish I could skip all those and just go straight to where things get more interesting. But just like what I said, the episodes are still fun to watch and I think we needed this slow pace for the build up of everything that could happen in this show. I've only watched 6 episodes and I believe based on the reviews I've read, after I get passed the 26th episode, I can't have a reason not to watch it. I also read that if I loved Cross Game then I will automatically love this one also. I hope that the 101 episodes won't disappoint me in the end.

If I could recommend any old school anime from the 80's I think I can undoubtedly recommend this one already.

#Touch #Adachi


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