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Random Thought (October 01, 2014 at 11:18PM)

Random Thought 822

Tonight I'll be giving my final thoughts on Zankyou no Terror – an anime about terrorism. This anime is one of those anime that I only heard off just weeks before it started airing and the reason why I immediately added this one in my plan-to-watch list is because the director is none other than legend himself, Mr. Shinichiro Watanabe. If you are not familiar with him, I'm pretty sure you know one of his earliest work, Cowboy Bebop. To be honest Watanabe anime can be a hit or miss when it comes to my taste. For instance I didn't really like "Space Dandy", I was just okay with "Cowboy Bebop", and I absolutely loved and treasured "Kids on the Slope" to my heart. When I heard he'll be doing this Zankyou no Terror, and since I never watched a show like this which is directed by Watanabe before, I didn't have second thoughts on whether I'll be picking this anime or not. And obviously the answer for that is yes.

Zankyou no Terror (or Terror in Resonance as the Official English title dictates) just like I said is an anime about terrorism. While watching this anime I felt the Death Note vibe in it as it also deals with a lot of mind stuff. The problem I see in this anime is that you might not enjoy the mind games that much if you're already familiar with some Greek mythology, particularly with Oedipus and a bunch of that stuff. Since I am not familiar or rather not fond of Greek mythology, I think I enjoyed the mind games just as much as I enjoyed detective shows.

I am not familiar with studio MAPPA other than the fact that they also did Kids on the Slope, and just like Kids on the Slope the animation was really well polished and matches the entire mood the anime. Since both have the same studios, one can really notice the massive similarities between the two. As for the music, OP is good, ED matches the theme of the anime but it wasn't really my taste that I always want to skip is especially that there was not next episode preview at the end.

Overall I give this anime an 8/10.

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Random Thought (September 30, 2014 at 11:29PM)

Random Thought 821

Tonight I'll be giving my final thoughts on Haikyuu!! the very first upcoming sports anime that I added into my list last spring. I'll make this really quick and to do this I'll be doing the pros and cons thing.

-Beautiful art and animation
-Intense play especially in the very last match of the anime
-Good OP and ED songs
-You'll still enjoy this anime even though you know little about volleyball. This anime actually teaches you the basics of the said sport.
-Seeing some characters' back stories are quite interesting to watch.
-This anime shows you what real teamwork is and how to face victory as well as failure.

-The anime starts very slow. Sure it was for the build up but for some reason it felt kinda boring.
-The protagonist isn't really that likeable.
-A bunch of cliche characters especially the fact that the manager is super hot with a touch of a dandere trait. You also have the frenemy aura between the two main characters which we always see in every anime.
-Of course the 1st years will always be in the court and the higher years will be on the bench. Have I seen that before?
-Girls will always find way to ship yaoi couple in this anime.

Overall: 8/10

#Haikyuu #Anime


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Random Thought (September 29, 2014 at 11:05PM)

Random Thought 820

Tonight I'll be reviewing probably the surprise of the season for me which is the romance comedy Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (or as the English title say, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun). This is an anime that I didn't initially pick which from what it sounds, didn't interest me that much. I waited for 8 episodes before I begin watching this anime since it's been receiving quite a lot of positive impressions or reviews. Just watching the 1st episode, I know already that I will like this anime quite a bit and I was really happy that I was able to include this anime in my list before it ends.

What I really like in this anime is that the main point of view of this anime centers around a girl named Chiyo Sakura. What's even more interesting about this is that this anime isn't even shoujo but rather a shounen anime (since it's based from a monthly shounen manga). That is something I never see in quite frequently.

Going back, like I said the main focus of the story is Chiyo and it's quite fun listening to her internal monologue frequently in this series as she reacts to every wacky and funny moments Nozaki-kun does. And did I mention that Chiyo has feelings for Nozaki-kun but he's just too blind to realize it. In fact Nozaki thought Chiyo was just one of his diehard fans (Nozaki is a manga artist in secret) when actually she was already trying to confess her feelings for him. Everything went not so according to Chiyo's plan when he gave her an autograph of him just before she could actually say her true feelings to him. After that we were introduced to the funniest characters in an anime. Not only that they are funny, they actually blend well together.

Another thing I like in this anime is that despite of being not a fan of episodic anime this anime makes every episode worthwhile and relaxing. Basically, we even get 2 different stories in an episode although it isn't much very well notice since the 2nd part feels like just the continuation of the 1st but in fact can stand alone on its own.

You should feel safe that this anime doesn't give you the never ending panty shots as this anime doesn't deal with fanservice and everything that will make you go embarrassed when people see you watching.

So yeah, I highly recommend this to everyone who just want to watch a series that will make them laugh and at the same time enjoy this anime as a whole. I can say that this is a RomCom show but I think the Comedy part is much more implied or presented in this anime. This I can give an 8/10 score. Watch it. It's really good!

#GekkanShoujo #Nozakikun #Anime #SakuraChiyo #Chiyo


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Random Thought (September 29, 2014 at 12:03AM)

Random Thought 819

Since I'm too lazy, no anime review for tonight.

So today I finally gave that Clash of Clans game a try. Nothing too special. I just got invited to play by my uncle. It's quite addicting. Let's see how far I will go into playing this game.

Today marks the end of Anime Summer 2014. I only have one leftover anime from the season and that is obviously SAO II. As always, reviews will come when I feel like writing them. LOL


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Random Thought (September 27, 2014 at 11:45PM)

Random Thought 818

Despite my busy schedule, I am happy that I was able to have the chance to watch the 2nd part of the 2-part sequel of Rurouni Kenshin, aka Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends. Basically, this movie continued immediately where the last movie (which was shown last month) left off. I can't say much about the movie because that will be a form of sin (spoiler).

Let's just say that this movie lived up to the expectations of its fans. As always, the choreography in this movie (just like its predecessors) is just over the top, as the fights scenes will always leave you jawdropped and at awe. They look very realistic well except for the flames part (lol). Humor and drama in this movie are still well balanced. My only problem with the movie is that they recycled some tried and tested formula from the 2012 Rurouni Kenshin movie. Not that it's bad or anything but I felt like I was still watching the very first movie while watching this last installment of the said franchise. You'll get what I mean when you watch the movie.

I don't know how many stuff they've changed from the anime in the end since I haven't gotten this far in the anime yet but I can still say that anime fans will definitely be pleased by this piece of work. Rurouni Kenshin definitely did it. Rurouni Kenshin is a live action based off a manga/anime that is done justice. Let this be an inspiration to every new live action movies (based off manga/anime) that will be produced in the future. A truly 9.5/10 movie.

Emi Takei is heart heart heart.

#RurouniKenshin #KenshinPH #SamuraiX #TheLegendEnds #Kaoru


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Random Thought (September 26, 2014 at 10:27PM)

Random Thought 817

Tonight I'll be reviewing the anime that I just finished today that is apparently about glass making that really isn't.

But before all that, last night I reviewed Baby Steps and I forgot to give it a score. So for formality sake, I'll be giving Baby Steps an 8/10.

Glass making anime, does that ring a bell? If you guessed Glasslip then you are absolutely correct. Let's cut down the chase and I'll say that this is the WORST anime I've seen so far that aired this year. This is the most pretentious piece of garbage that I have ever seen. I feel so bad for the budget allotted for the eye candy animation because everything was not making sense in this anime. Although the animation for this anime is really good, I don't know if it's because fo budget constraints or is it because of the faulty direction that there were always unnecessary still frames that don't make sense and just ruin the beautiful animation. I haven't searched anything about the director and writers but what I can say from how this anime was promoted, they were practically leading us to believe that the anime will be the next Nagi no Asukara which it ultimately failed to achieve. The writing for this anime is a complete trainwreck that this anime didn't know even after it finished what it was going to be and what it needed to be. The plot is basically incomprehensible not in a sense that it isn't easy to understand but in a sense that every scenarios were poorly thought off and have no significant point or importance to begin with. It's like watching something and it's following a plot that has things put in random. If I will describe this anime, I would say that this anime is a combination of everything that you have immediately thought of without even having second thoughts whether it's going to be good or bad. This anime is trying to be everything that every anime has, every genre that every anime has. You can't make a good story by putting everything into one story. Everything has to make sense first. In the end, after watching it, looking back, why did this anime ever exist? That's the question that ran through my head after watching every disappointing episodes of this anime but I still hoped that it could get better even in the very last episode which obviously it didn't.

The only good thing that I can say for this anime is the very calming and relaxing opening theme song by ChouCho and of course the PA Works' Porn Scenery trademark. I think it's quite clear that I'm very disappointed in this anime and I'm not even happy about it. Glasslip deserves a downright 3/10.

And did I mention that the glass making part is only 10% of the entire anime. I mean what is the point? Why do the main characters eventually got this ability of looking to the fragments of future through glass. I don't know but it was every explained or I was just too dumb to understand it? And last but not the least, the characters weren't really that interesting at all. The worst set of characters I've ever seen in an anime. Okay that's enough ranting now.

#Glasslip #Anime #Disappointment #Regret


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Random Thought (September 25, 2014 at 10:30PM)

Random Thought 816

So as promised, I'm gonna be reviewing all the anime in my watchlist that ended or will be ending in the final weeks of the summer anime season. For tonight, I'll be doing Baby Steps.

Baby Steps, just reading the title might actually trick you if you're thinking of an anime about raising babies or something. This anime is basically about tennis, so yeah it's a sports anime. At first, Baby Steps is an anime that I've kinda been avoiding to watch since I was not a big fan of sports anime to begin with. Since I was really excited with Haikyuu!!, Baby Steps didn't grab my interest especially that the animation quality was quite the mediocre and I was expecting it to be really bad. But after watching Baby Steps' first episode, I was immediately impressed by this anime to the point that I highly loved it more than Haikyuu!!. Compared to Haikyuu!!, I find Baby Steps to be more relatable and realistic at the same time. What I also find interesting about Baby Steps is that it also has some romance going on in it though we only get to see some teasers here and there. I heard that the romance progresses even more in the manga.

Baby Steps I could say is one of the most overlooked anime out there due to its crappy animation. Trust me, if you're more in the story, the animation wouldn't bother you whatsover at all. Baby Steps is a show that really got me interested in actually playing tennis someday.

Oh and did I mention that Baby Steps is going to have a Season 2 this coming spring? Oh I can't wait! I hope the budget for this anime will be higher by then. If we're lucky we might get seasons after seasons for some years since there are quite a many manga content to adapt.

#Anime #BabySteps #anime_bs


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